Your Vision by Mary Morrissey

Yesterday we talked about your purpose. Your purpose is the why you get up in the morning; to be a beneficial presence to all you meet this day or some version of being a blessing.

Today I would like to talk about your vision; your vision is what you are creating with your life.

Never doubt that as long as Spirit is breathing you; as life is breathing you there is a purpose and there is something for which you are to bring forth.

My mother wrote a book in her ninetieth year. She started a non-profit as she was turning ninety. She started china painting when she was eighty-five.

What is seeking to emerge by means of you? Pay attention to that leading edge of growth that we seek to express, whether it’s a hobby, a talent, an interest, something you would do to serve…some way life is seeking to express itself by means of you.

Your vision is how you bring it forth, what you would love to create.

Here’s To Expressing Your Vision,

Mary Morrissey

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