Your Intuition by Mary Morrissey

Did you know there are different kinds of “intuition”?

Intuition could come as that still, small voice; that kind of gut feel about something. Another way that intuition can speak to us is a little nudge from life.

My husband Joe once said to me, “it’s sort of like life is sending us signals that say this is good for you or this is not good for you”.

Sometimes those not good for you signals are like standing in front of a fire and an ember pops right out of that fire, that blazing fire, and lands right on your wool jacket.

If you are paying attention you can put that ember right off your jacket and there is no damage to the jacket, but if you are not paying attention that ember will burn a whole in the jacket.

Is there a signal that life might be sending you right now that you really need to pay attention to, need to alter, need to make a change about? Because by making that change now, you prevent something that you really don’t want to happen.

Life is trying to protect you.

Here’s to listening to your gut,

Mary Morrissey

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