Your Internal Dialouge by Mary Morrissey

There is some research that says you and I spend ninety-two percent of our time talking to ourselves. There is an internal voice of dialogue going on all the time.

For many of us some of the conversations aren’t that great. We are talking to ourselves about what we didn’t do well enough, soon enough, fast enough, beating ourselves up a little bit here and there. A little bit of criticism perhaps, or judgment.

So for today let’s make a decision that we are only going to have good stories going on in our mind. We are going to have gratitude. We are going to have appreciation. We are going to have a great internal dialogue.

Ninety-two percent of the time is a whole lot of the time about what is being said to our mind, let’s make them good thoughts.

To Your Good Thoughts Today,

Mary Morrissey

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