“Your Center Point” by Mary Morrissey

In India there are millions of people that seem to have a way of living in harmony, even in such a large, crowded group of people. They have this peace and harmony because they have developed a certain way of being.

As you and I go through our lives, at times we want to fight the chaos. But, there is a way of being, even in the midst of things, where there is a center point within us.

This is a place of peace and calm that really comes from the place Jesus called the kingdom. He said there will always be tribulation in the world but be of good cheer because I have overcome this world.

I would suggest that no matter what you face, there is a way to find that still point within. Get quiet. Enter into prayer. Find answers and walk through this day in harmony.

With Peace and Harmony,

Mary Morrissey

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