“Your Assets” by Mary Morrissey

There’s a very famous speech that was given by the late Russell Conwell called “Acres of Diamonds”. It’s a story of a farmer who heard tales of other men who made their fortunes in diamonds.

The man sold his beloved home and property and went off in search of these riches. Meanwhile, the man who bought the farmer’s home and lands stumbled upon a certain beautiful stone down by the stream.

The stone turned out to be the largest diamond ever found in the area. The farmer had been sitting on his diamonds all along, and he never knew it!

Of course, you are that farmer. You have assets within you that you are not aware of. You have assets within you that can guide your greatest dreams to fruition. You may think they are elsewhere, but as the story illustrates, all that you need to make your fortune (of health, of love, of money, of happiness) is within you.

In this, our final video of the series for the week, I will show you how to uncover your hidden assets.


To Your Greatest Assets Revealed,

Mary Morrissey

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