“Your Appreciation List” by Mary Morrissey

In June, we are half way through our calendar year. How has this year been for you? Is it manifesting as you envisioned back in January?

I’d like to talk about how we can really increase the quality of our inner life so that our outer expression can be more harmonious and really more of the soul print that each one of us bears as a gift we can give to the world.

The first step I am encouraging us all to do, right now, is tap into some appreciations for this year so far. You might even document this, to have the five things I appreciate most about 2012 thus far.

It doesn’t mean they are all the happiest things that happen in your life. They may have brought the most growth, the most awareness, or the most development.

Your top 5 of 2010 list is up to you. I hope you have fun doing this.

In Gratitude,

Mary Morrissey

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