“Wind” by Mary Morrissey

Howard Thurman, the mystic who taught at Morehouse College, wrote about winds and how winds move through a person’s life. They shake some things loose and maybe even turn some things upside down. It shakes off what’s really loose that needs to be shaken around, and brings with it also a fresh breath, a fresh air.

If there has been some wind in your life or it feels like some things are a little upside down, pause for a moment and remember what the mystic says about wind.

If some things have been knocked down or turned over, it’s okay. Within and around that, you will find some sprouting. You will find some fresh green edges of what is trying to emerge.

It’s just some wind. If you have to pick some things back up, go ahead — Then notice how fresh, clean and clear everything is.

Enjoy The Wind,

Mary Morrissey

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