“What Will You Be?” by Mary Morrissey

God doesn’t live in the future or the past. God dwells in the eternal now. Jesus said the kingdom of Heaven is within you, not then. Don’t go looking here or there for it; the kingdom of heaven is within you.

Right now is a moment to make contact with this eternal realm that dwells in us. A question we can ask that helps us stay in touch with that part of ourselves, where we can feel God’s presence and know God’s power is this: God what would you have me be right now?

We are not asking what would you have me do, so much, but what would you have me be? An idea will come. Sometimes it’s helpful. Sometimes it’s optimistic. Sometimes it’s patient. There are always qualities of God that Spirit is seeking to develop in us, grow in us and express through us more fully.

On this wonderful day, a day of life, a great gift from God can be found… Dear God, in this life, in this moment what would you have me be?

Many Blessings,

Mary Morrissey

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