What Can You Do Right Now? by Mary Morrissey

Recently I was speaking to a young woman who was really struggling with worry and anxiety. When we took apart and really looked at how much of her time she was thinking about the past and how much of her time she was thinking about the future, all of a sudden she realized that all the anxiety was generated out of past and future thinking instead of what can I do NOW.

There are things I can do something about and there area things I can’t do anything about.

Once she started putting her attention on what she could do today, an hour later she called me back. Everything was different. Her life was moving forward.

So let’s each do that. Rather than thinking about past or future, right now here I am. I am breathing. I have a life. It’s this moment, the power is in here and the power is now!

Here’s To Living For Today,

Mary Morrissey

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