“Tune In” by Mary Morrissey

You know, the universe has some surprises for you today. Some of them will be obvious, some of them will be in packages you didn’t know were coming, and some of them will be hidden inside other experiences.

All of those surprises are meant for each one of us to end our day by saying, “Thank you God for another day of life.” Something happened with me this day that was so wonderful –it is this thing called life.

So go ahead now –know that there are hidden surprises and one’s right in front of you. If you aren’t tuned into the anticipation and joy of hidden surprises, you might miss them. You might walk right by and not even see them. There may be a flower growing out from the cement. It will be pressing through, as a surprise with your name on it. It’s your life.

Tune In,

Mary Morrissey

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