Triumph by Mary Morrissey

Let’s pause for a moment and together create a miracle minute…

Carolyn Walker wrote that there are two significant characteristics of every great life:

1. The capacity to make a good beginning.
2. The courage to push on to a good ending.

A life of triumph hinges on a firm faith for rugged times. That’s what you and I are doing here.

This is a beginning of a new year, and you are making a good beginning. You are paying attention to that which might inspire you.

You have probably set some goals for your year, some ideas of where you would like to be a year from now. As we spend time together we are going to build a firmer faith because as you climb any mountain there often comes a time when there is the next step to take and it looks a little scary.

There might be some rugged paths to traverse but we are going to get past those things because the power that is with you is bigger than anything in front of you.

Have a great day,

Mary Morrissey

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