“The Stream” by Mary Morrissey

Right now there is a whole stream of Well-Being: a current of well-being that runs throughout this entire Universe. It is Life itself. It is right where you are.

It is our nature to be fully experiencing this stream of Well-Being. In fact, we are healthier, more prosperous and have much more fun when we live our lives drinking from this flowing stream. Sometimes, we have a habit of resisting this stream and behind that resistance will come the experience of doubt, worry, confusion and anxiety. All we need do is let go of resistance and open up.

No matter what is going on in our lives right now, Life is imparting a gift to us. We can become aware of the gift as we open to the stream of Well-Being. Today, we remind ourselves to open to the stream of what is natural to us – the Well-Being of the Universe – a gift from Spirit- our very life.

To Your Well-Being,

Mary Morrissey

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