The Purity of a New Beginning

Once, on a trip to Bali, we experienced the kind of culture that invites us into a relationship with the earth and the divine in a way that opens our hearts to the realization that for every one of us, right where we are, God is.
If you have anything around you or anything you can see that is white –right now, take a look at that.  It might be a white wall, a white piece of fabric or a white piece of paper.  For a moment just look at something that is white and recognize that it can absolutely symbolize, if you are willing, the purity of your willingness to receive a new message from the Infinite. 
This is one of the Balinese culture symbols.  The white flower symbolizes the purity of our willingness to receive.  Let the white symbolize the purity of a new beginning for you.    

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