The Power Of Your Thoughts by Mary Morrissey

Today, I would like you to recognize that every one of us has the power to choose our thoughts. That we can actually choose thoughts that help us move forward or choose thoughts that help us stay stuck.

Every single thought has energy to it. We can learn to think in ways that actually help the part of us that wants to move forward to win over the part of us that is afraid.

It just happens one thought at a time…

Sometimes we think we have to take on our whole life at once and the truth is we just need to take on this moment. There is a quote in the bible that says the “Lord is sufficient unto the day”. That means that this is not the god of “I will be” or “I used to be”. It’s the god of “I am”, right here and right now.

To Your Next Best Thought,

Mary Morrissey

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