The Peace and Calm by Mary Morrissey

I was thinking about a quote out of a Star Wars movie…

Do you remember when Luke Skywalker is just being trained in how to use the force; how to be in harmony with the law of his own being, accessing the power and the capacity, the brilliance that’s within every one of us and his instructor, Yoda, keeps saying, “Go with the Force, Luke, Go with the Force”.

Luke finally turns to his instructor and he says, “But how do I know if I am making the right decision or the wrong decision?”

And Yoda says to him, “You will know by peace and calm.”

You too, can know by peace and calm when you are at One with the Laws of your own Being, your own nature.

So today let us just use this navigation tool to go with the Force and we know we are on track by the peace and calm.

To Your Peaceful and Calm Moments,

Mary Morrissey

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