The Law of Recuperation by Mary Morrissey

Ask the average American how they feel and they will tell you they feel too busy. We have too much stimulus; too much email, snail mail, voice mail and all the many things to do. It can feel a bit overwhelming.

There is something in this universe called the law of recuperation. You’ve got to have a strategy where every single day there is a bit of day where you really recouping your center. This means recouping your sense of connectedness to the infinite, recouping your awareness that you are not here alone.

You can’t even take one breath on your own or beat your heart one time by yourself. So I invite you to join me today in invoking the law of recuperation.

Let’s come from a place of being connected to God. All things will get done that need to get done, but not just get done; they get done in a different way. They get done from a heart that is centered in love.

With Peace,

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