Thank You

Imagine that the universe has your day perfectly designed right now.

Imagine that every single moment, exactly what you need to know, exactly what you need for inspiration, exactly what you need for the answers to everything you’re longing for and searching for are right where you are.

There will be people that will show up today, books that will jump off the shelves, in a sense, if you look at them. Everything single thing you need is right where you are.

So let’s take our universal eyes. Let’s take our eyes of believing that God is present everywhere to our day. Let’s say, “Thank you God for the signs and the signals that you are sending me this day.

Thank you for all the ways you are showing up in my life this day.

Thank you that everything I need to know is right where I am today.” When we take those eyes and those ears to our day, it always turns into miracles.

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