“Take That Step” by Mary Morrissey

The shepherd boy (who would later be King David) said once, “The Lord is like a lamp unto my feet.”

The Universal Law, the Light, the Presence, the Power that is God is like a lamp unto my feet directing my next step. When I take that step, then the next step is shown. I’m not shown a mile down the road. I’m not shown a year down the road. I am shown, one day at a time, the next step that is mine to take.

How powerfully comforting it can be for each one of us to know that we don’t have to figure it all out. In fact, we can’t; but the universe does and is revealing to each one of us in a perfected way, the greatest fulfillment we will ever find is in taking that step that is ours to take today.

So in this moment, let’s just take pause. We simply ask “What is my step to take today? What is mine to be today? What is mine to be grateful for today?” Let’s bring ourselves fully to this day. The Lord is a lamp unto my feet and that lamp is shining brightly for you right now.

Supporting Your Next Step,

Mary Morrissey

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