Support Plus Challenge

I once heard Dr. John Demartini say that support plus challenge equals the best formula for growth.
Right now, consider your life –where the challenge is and what the support is.  Know that life takes care of the challenge and it’s up to you to take care of the support. This doesn’t mean that life isn’t providing the support, but it’s up to us to look for, appreciate and draw to us the kind of support that will help us not only meet but surmount that challenge.  That’s how we grow.
Support can be found by amplifying the way we give support, by the way we appreciate the support that is in our environment right now, or by a small task such as choosing to put on a piece of music that we find to be inspiring. 
Sit down for five minutes and read something that inspires and uplifts you.  Pause for a moment and look at nature and see the wonder and glory of what is all around you right now.
Support plus challenge equals the best formula for growth.  All of life is inviting you and me this day to simply grow, grow, grow.

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