Step Up by Mary Morrissey

Do you remember the story about the old mule that they wanted to get rid of but they didn’t want to waste a bullet on him so they just threw him down a twenty foot hole and they began to pour dirt on him to bury him alive?

At first the mule really began to panic. Then the mule shook off the dirt that was being thrown on his back and he stepped up on it. The more dirt that was thrown, the more he shook it off and the more he stepped up.

Eventually, he walked right out of that hole because of the way he used what was being done to absolutely lift him up higher and higher.

So whatever has happened in your life and whatever is going on right now, shake it off and step up.

Shake it off and step up. Everything can work together for good, for those who love the good.

Here’s To Stepping Up,

Mary Morrissey

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