Smiles and Grace by Mary Morrissey

Once, my colleague Colleen and I were driving to Atlanta on our way to a meeting and we got turned around.

Colleen hopped out of the car at a red light and ran to the car in front of us to ask if we were at Highway 9, where we needed to turn left. I could see them pointing out a couple more stoplights down the road. This meant we needed to get out of the left turn lane to position ourselves to go straight on.

As we did this, we caused the car behind us to wait and they missed their light. They honked their horn at us and they were really mad at us.

As we passed them, I opened my window and leaned out with my hand on my heart and said, “I’m sorry.”

The two people in that car immediately just waved at me and said, “Its ok.”

As we drove by, Colleen remarked at how amazing it is that a smile can bring grace. I just think that so often on the roads we forget to treat each other like real people. We forget to be kind.

Remember that today your smile can bring grace to the world. Your kind actions can start a domino affect of grace.

With Grace,

Mary Morrissey

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