Smile by Mary Morrissey

One thing of high value to the culture of the Balinese people is the smile. In fact one of their great ceremonies occurs when a child becomes sixteen years old and that is the tooth filing ceremony.

It’s a ceremony the whole community participates in, like a wedding, with food and celebrating and gathering. It’s a time when a child’s mouth is prepared for their work in life and their work in life is to smile.

Of course every one of them will have their own profession, but what they believe is that part of creating a sense of welcome, a sense of community, a sense of harmony with oneself, one’s family, one’s world and one’s universe is to stay in a sweet smile. It isn’t a smile that you just paste on your face but it’s a smile of sweetness and appreciation for life.

What an interesting thing for us to learn from that; that you and I can actually change not only our lives but our world with more smiling.

With Joy,

Mary Morrissey

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