Simple Pleasures by Mary Morrissey

I read a little book called, “The Seven Pleasures for a Worthwhile Life.” It taught some very simple techniques, that when we pay attention, increase the depth and the wonder of being alive.

So I am going to offer you one of these today. I hope you will take a little time and explore the meaning, the opportunity for life to open unto you its gifts.

Pleasure number one for having a worthwhile life is the pleasure of the five senses. So right now, just pay attention to what it means that you can see and look around right where you are at all the beautiful colors and images available to you.

~Thank you for the ability to see.

For a moment just notice what you are hearing; not just the sounds, but all around you life speaking ‘I am, I am, I am’.

~Thank you the ability to hear.

Right now you notice that you get to taste. Not only when you are eating but even the breath you breathe. There is the ability to taste life.

~Thank you for the ability to taste.

You can smell right where you are. Just breathe it in. Take a deep breath right through your nose

~Thank you for the ability to smell.

You can touch right now. Touch one hand to the other. Maybe touch something you are near.

~Thank you for the ability to feel and to touch.

For a moment just appreciate your senses. We can take pleasure today that life has given us five senses with which to apprehend experience and live a life. If I appreciate my five senses life becomes more worthwhile.

To Your Fully Alive Life,

Mary Morrissey

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