“Sight” by Mary Morrissey

Recently, I had the notion of how clear hindsight can be. It is easy to look back in my life or for others to look in their lives and think, “Wow – I could have seen that” or, “I should have known that.”

Hindsight has much clarity to it. It helps us guide our direction now.

Perhaps we can bring that same clarity to our foresight and to our insight. We have each been given the ability to manage these different kinds of sights.

We can’t have clear foresight but we can feel the pull of spirit and choose the direction we will take.

We can also have insight so that we pay attention to what is working within the deepest parts of ourselves.

Let’s subscribe to this clarity, use these abilities the best we can and in turn, let them guide us.

Enjoy The Sights,

Mary Morrissey

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