Should You Sacrifice Your Financial Stability to Pursue Your Dreams?

Do you have to sacrifice your financial stability in order to build your dreams?

Many of the people I work with have asked me things like:

“Do I have to give up my job in order to pursue my dream? It’s safe and comfortable, but what I REALLY want is to be pursuing something else…”

“But I’m worried that if I go for my dream and it doesn’t work out, I’ll have given up everything that I’ve built up until now. What should I do?”

This is a very common concern, and a healthy one!

Underneath the thought that the only way to achieve your dream is to give up your financial stability, is FEAR – a limiting belief that you can’t really have everything you want.

If you feel this way, don’t judge yourself for it!

As we mature, grow spiritually, and increase our awareness, we begin to discover that we ALL have some hidden fears or limiting beliefs.

There are two types of limiting beliefs that typically hold us back from happiness and success…

The first limiting belief is the type that actually talks to us when we’re aware of it, manifesting through thoughts and feelings like, “You’re not good enough. You don’t have what it takes. You’ve tried before and failed.”

These are what I would call “awake” limiting beliefs,” because we are awake to them.

We can actually hear them talking to us!

So when we hear a limiting belief talking to us, we can say, “No, it’s okay for me to try again. It doesn’t matter how many times I tried and it didn’t work out. That’s how I learned to walk. I learned to walk by standing up and falling down, and I got better at it as I went on.”

The other type of limiting belief is the kind that operates underneath our conscious awareness. I call these our “sleeping” limiting beliefs. They’re not asleep, but we’re asleep to them.

Do you want to make quicker, better decisions, motivated by intuition, courage and love?

Here’s an example of a “sleeping” limiting belief:

I grew up in a family where I didn’t realize that I was being given a worldview that you couldn’t have both love and money.

My parents had a great love life, and a great story behind it. They loved each other for more than six decades, right up until the day my dad died, and they continued to love each other even after that.

My father was drafted into both World War II and the Korean Conflict, and they stayed together even through those trying experiences.

When he was drafted, my mother and father would cash in all their savings accounts and all their bonds, and she would quit her job, get on a train, and go be with him wherever he was for every moment she could before he went off to war.

Over the years, the stories of how they gave up everything to be with each other got wired into our family.

It wasn’t until I was well into my thirties, and I’d been doing transformational work for a long time, that I realized that, deep down, I had a belief that I had to make a choice between love and financial freedom.

I don’t know what your limiting beliefs are, but I know that you’ve got some, simply because we ALL have beliefs.

So today, if you have any doubt about whether what it is that you truly want to be, do, have and give in your life is actually possible…

I want to tell you that no matter what your history is, that history does not determine your destiny – not without your permission!

You have a dream, AND you can choose to have a clean slate on which to build it

Every single moment, you have the ability to choose which thoughts and beliefs to believe…

And you can choose to say “Even though that happened in the past, I decide what will happen in my future. I decide that I’m going to build my dream and turn it into reality.”

So now, let’s return to the question of whether you need to give up your financial security or stability in order to realize your dream…

The answer to that question is NO, you don’t have to choose between one or the other!

But, in order to have both your financial security AND your dream, you’ll need to make a decision to believe that it’s possible to have both, and build up that belief.


Here are a few ways you can start building your dream, while still protecting your financial well-being…

First, consider keeping your current job for another six to 12 months, and working part-time on your dream during the evenings and weekends while you begin to build momentum with it.

Second, take a good look at your financial situation, and see what you have to work with.

I’ve had clients who wanted to start their own businesses, for example, but were afraid to take the first few steps toward their dreams… because they thought they’d have to give up their security.

Then, when they looked more closely at what they actually had, they realized they had enough assets to take care of their families for as many as three or four years while their businesses got started – even if their new endeavor didn’t earn them a dime during that time.

These clients chose to put all of their energy into building their dream immediately. They left their jobs or changed their businesses in order to embark on their dream.

They had the means to do this. It was THEIR way of starting. It doesn’t have to be yours. The important point here is that they BELIEVED that they couldn’t do it, but when they examined their assets, they found it was possible.

The good news is that you too, can change your beliefs.

You can adopt a NEW, more empowering belief that says, “If I have a dream, then there has to be a way to bring it about. I’m choosing to believe THIS. While I’m living this life, since I’m going to live it anyway, why not see how far I can go?”

You don’t have to take huge, massive action all at once, in a way that terrifies you…

You can act in a systematic way, where your nervous system and your beliefs can catch up to the dreams and the steps you want to take.

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  • Eileen Weglarz

    Dear Mary,

    Your comments on Martin Luther King Day were most refreshingly inspiring and profound. Thank you for this story about MLK and the Gandhi’s.

    I plan to use it in a sermon. You, like MLK and Gandhi, are an inspiration to many. I have been following your for about 4 or 5 years. God’s hand is on you.

    God bless your work,
    The Rev. Eileen Weglarz, Vicar
    Christ Church Episcopal
    Hudson, NY

  • Priscilla King

    Thanks to everyone at Mary Mary really lays it out on the line with this one. Many people are not seeing how more debt would and more sacrifices are going to help accomplish their dreams. Not many are willing to take a chance. Thanks to you Mary. A great teacher.

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