“Sharpen Your Focus” by Mary Morrissey

Right in front of you is a brand new baby day, one you’ve never lived before. This is a day that will never ever happen again. It is a gift!

Let this be a day you remember the preciousness of your human birth. Let this be a day you really hear the birds in the trees, and listen with your heart to those you love. Tonight. when you reflect back on the day, what will you be grateful you created?

Just like you can turn a camera lens to sharpen the focus, consider sharpening your “purpose focus” today. Who do you really want to be today? How can you live your values?

Think about this and keep your focus upon it so that by the end of the day, you can say. “Thank you, life, for this most miraculous day, a precious day that I lived fully.”

To Your Expanding Awareness,

Mary Morrissey

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