Pure Magic by Mary Morrissey

Have you ever had a moment where you just thought, “this is pure magic”?

Something happened you didn’t expect or things came together in a way that was unpredicted. Maybe you saw a sunrise or a sunset or a rainbow and paused for a moment and really appreciated the magic that was available to you.

Did you know we can choose to create magic rather than just wait for magic to happen? Magic isn’t making something that wasn’t there, there. Magic is the revealing of that which was there all along.

Yesterday we were with our kids and a man came by and did a card trick. It was a magic trick and it looked like things that just couldn’t happen were happening. But he had practiced and he had opened to the possibility of magic happening and magic was happening with him.

You and I can choose this day; I am going to let magic happen with me. It’s a choice.

Let’s choose today for magic,

Mary Morrissey

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