Plan Your Life by Mary Morrissey

What if someone were to ask you today, “What is your purpose, what is your vision and what are your goals?” Would you be able to answer those questions?

Most of us spend more time planning what to eat for dinner than we spend planning for our lives. If we don’t have a vision, then we will create the life we have always known. If our vision isn’t anchored in our purpose then we will get off track.

Our goals are the means by which we reach our vision that is driven by a purpose. The vision represents what you want to create with your life. The goal represents the various aspects of how you are doing it and the purpose explains why.

Perhaps you could take a moment today and ask yourself, “What really matters to me?” Discover your purpose, discover your vision and discover where you can go.

Here’s To The Planning Of Your Life,

Mary Morrissey

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