Perfect Day by Mary Morrissey

I want you to imagine that right now someone is saying to you, “I lovingly and gently invite you to join me in creating a perfect day.”

Imagine that the voice is the Voice of God. Now, as you read these words, imagine that your day begins right now! From this moment forward, feel how it feels to be in a co-creative process with the One who gives you life.

It is your magnificent opportunity and it is your right to create a “perfect day.” Everything that happens has a miracle inside of it. Every word that is spoken has a gift for you.

Every bird that you hear; every weed that you see, everything has a gift of aliveness, and message that says, “Right where you are, God is.”

On this day, let us create our own “perfect day.”

With Peace and Many Blessings,

Mary Morrissey

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