“Pause for a Moment…” by Mary Morrissey

Let’s spend a moment really deeply contacting the real Self. The Self that is the “I am” that is breathing you. It is the “I am” that you are before you took on this human birth and after you lay this human body down for the last time.

For a moment, take a deep breath with me. Inhale… Exhale… As you breathe just notice your body. Feel the weight of your clothing and the air touching your exposed skin. Now for a moment, notice your thinking. What you were thinking before you opened your email? What are you thinking about now? Notice your thinking.

Now for a moment, notice your feelings… whether you’ve been feeling happy or sad, concerned or content, or something else. What is the feeling that has been the predominant feeling state you’ve been in today?

Now ask yourself this question, who is it in me that can notice my body, but is not my body? Who is it that can notice my thinking but is more than the thought itself? Who is it that can notice my feeling, but is not the emotion? That One is your real self, your wisdom self.

That One is completely at peace right now. That One knows your purpose, and the solutions to any challenge before you. You can make moments like these whenever you choose by simply pausing for a moment and making contact with your real Self and accessing that place of deep peace and wisdom.

Trust Your Deep Wisdom Self,

Mary Morrissey

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