Made A Mistake? Here’s How to Apologize In a Way That Will Make Your Relationships Stronger Than Ever


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Here Is A Simple But Powerful 5-Step Process For Making The “Perfect Apology” That Mends Fences And Builds Bridges

Have you ever apologized to someone for something you did or said, but then afterward, you felt like your apology wasn’t fully received or accepted? And so you weren’t able to fully mend the relationship? (more…)

Spanish Subway Secret: 3 Ways to Prime Yourself for Greater Inspiration and Motivation Each Day

new stc ebook

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How Classical Music On a Spanish Subway Helped Reduce Crime, Plus More Unusual “Priming” Examples That Can Support You In Moving Toward Your Goals and Dreams


What Saint Peter and a Donkey Stuck in a Well Can Teach You About Rising Above Adversity

Whatever your personal spiritual beliefs may be, here’s a little Easter humor to remind you that every adversity brings with it an opportunity to grow and expand into the next, best version of yourself.

There’s a funny story about Easter that has stuck with me for many years, and it goes like this: (more…)

What is a Vocation? Is It Just a Way to Earn Money, Or Is It Also a Way to Fulfill Your Calling In Life?

Most people tend to think of the term “vocation” to mean what you do to earn money – but the true meaning of the word actually runs much deeper than that…

A vocation is a job, but it’s one performed because of a deep, sincere feeling of being called to do that job. (more…)

Two Simple Ways to Feel More Inspired and Passionate About Your Life


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Wondering How to Find Your Passion? Here Are a Few Easy Ways to Break Out of Your Regular Routine and Experience Greater Aliveness Each and Every Day

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are growth-seeking by nature. We love and thrive on the feeling of progression and achievement.

But it’s also very easy to fall into routines that can leave us feeling stagnant or stuck. While routine can be healthy and productive, routine can also actually lull the brain to sleep. (more…)

The Day a Homeless Woman Came to Live With Me and Changed My Life Forever

relationship inventory about homeless woman

After doing a quick relationship inventory, each member of my family came to see that our guest had the power to grow our capacity to love and help others.

One day many years ago, while I was watching my young daughter Jennifer play softball, a disheveled woman walked across the field, approached the bleachers I was sitting in, and sat down right next to me. (more…)

Study Reveals That Knowing Your Purpose In Life Could Help You Live Longer

Plus, Here’s a Simple But Highly Effective Way to Inject More Purpose and Meaning Into Your Life Starting Today

There are many ways to add years to your life, like eating well and exercising, for example.

But did you know that knowing and following your purpose in life can also help you live longer? (more…)

How To Have Self Confidence in the Face of Fear

how to have self confidence skydive

3 Ways to Have Self Confidence and Take Courageous Action Toward Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Do you have deep longing for something more in your life, or a dream you’d like to pursue, but fear is somehow holding you back? Perhaps it’s a fear of failure, or of what other people might think of you, or of the changes and challenges that you will face in pursuing your dream. (more…)

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  • It’s amazing how strong the temptation can be to dismiss, numb, ignore, and/or eliminate our less-pleasant emotions. They are messages, our friends guiding us to expand and grow, pursuing what we love, and operating as our best selves.

    Thank you for this well-written article that illustrates this so beautifully! The power to transform ones life thru transforming ones self really does lie within!!!

  • These are great tips – thanks for sharing them! You are so right about the impact of overcoming fear on self-confidence. One of the habits I’m working on this year is stepping outside my comfort zone and confronting my fears as often as possible. I took some baby steps at first, but those have raised my level of confidence and gotten me excited about tackling even bigger things. Next week I’m going to confront my fear of heights with a zipline/ropes course adventure, and I can’t wait to see how conquering that expands my confidence even more – once I do one thing I thought I could never do, WHAT ELSE is possible?? Taking control over fear is truly transformational.

  • William Shatner

    Excellent information and advice. I thank you for this Mary. It really hits the point!

  • You have such clarity that helps our inner wisdom guide us back to strength. I am truly grateful to have been given this opportunity.
    Much love and light,


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