How To Criticize With Kindness (And Why You Should Never Publicly Criticize Anyone)

Why public criticism is rarely the loving option and how you can approach a conversation that actually brings you closer together

There was once a football great named Vince Lombardi who was not only an incredible football player, he also went on to become an extraordinary coach and eventually, an executive in the National Football League. (more…)

2 Incredibly Important Lessons My Mom Taught Me – Plus A Very Special Free Gift In Honor Of Mother’s Day

The Special Gift I Have For You Today Is Actually Something That’s Very Dear To My Heart That My Mom Created A Few Years Before She Passed. Apply It, And You’ll Experience More Fun, Joy And ALIVENESS Each Day!

Did you know that on Mother’s Day there are more phone calls being made around the world than on any other holiday? (more…)

5 Steps To Completing A Project You May Be Procrastinating On

completing a project

Here’s A Surefire Process That’ll Help You Complete Any Project With Greater Ease And Speed

Are you procrastinating on doing what you know you need to do to complete a project that’s important to you?

Or have you ever gotten excited about starting a new project – perhaps planning a big family event, making some upgrades to your home or planning your dream vacation – but then somewhere along the way you lost your inspiration and motivation to keep going with it? (more…)

A 30-Second Morning Gratitude Practice That Will Help You Experience Greater Joy, Freedom and Flow Each Day

Here’s a Simple But Highly Effective Way to Generate a State of Gratitude Every Morning, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It, So That You Have a Happier, More Productive Day

As you know, living from a state of gratitude is one of the keys to creating a happier, more fulfilling and abundant life.

When you wake up in the morning though, like many of us, you may not feel instantly positive and overwhelmingly grateful – especially if you haven’t slept well or the alarm jolts you awake! (more…)

Made A Mistake? Here’s How to Apologize In a Way That Will Make Your Relationships Stronger Than Ever


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Here Is A Simple But Powerful 5-Step Process For Making The “Perfect Apology” That Mends Fences And Builds Bridges

Have you ever apologized to someone for something you did or said, but then afterward, you felt like your apology wasn’t fully received or accepted? And so you weren’t able to fully mend the relationship? (more…)

Comments (5)

  • Kimberly Dubeau

    I am trying to rebuild myself. And pray it will be through your program.

  • Kim McFann

    What if you constantly say the wrong thing? I am a medical assistant and the PA I work for constantly thinks I am questioning her practice any time I ask a question. I try to apologize and she never hears it.

    • Mary Morrissey

      Good question. I know things are so regimented and protocol-driven in the medical field, and that must feel constrictive at times. What I’d say is that when you know that you know, in your heart, that something’s not right, you’ve got to speak up. Call it Intuition, call it the Infinite, but when that voice speaks, listen to it. If something is true, it will rise, just know that. Good on you for having the self-awareness to recognize this about yourself while you’re on the job!

  • This was of great benefit, especially coming from you. I have never thought about this subject much until now. I’m happy that you took time to make this video and share this with us.

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