Am I Being Ungrateful By Wanting More From Life?

Instead Of Letting “Either, Or” Thinking Hold You Back In Life, Here’s How To Shift Into “Yes, And” Thinking So That You Can Accelerate Toward Your Dreams

After investing the last 40 years studying and mentoring others in transformational principles, I’ve been asked more than a few times…

“Mary, does wanting more abundance, freedom and flow in my life make me ungrateful for what I have now? Should I just be happy with what I’ve got, since it’s more than others in some parts of the world have?” (more…)

How To Criticize With Kindness (And Why You Should Never Publicly Criticize Anyone)

Why public criticism is rarely the loving option and how you can approach a conversation that actually brings you closer together

There was once a football great named Vince Lombardi who was not only an incredible football player, he also went on to become an extraordinary coach and eventually, an executive in the National Football League. (more…)

The Time My Dear Departed Aunt Midge Contacted Me From The Other Side

This Memorial Day, Take Time To Remember And Give Thanks For Those You Have Loved And Lost – And You May Even Want To Invite Them To Reach Out To You!

In the United States this weekend, we’re celebrating Memorial Day, a holiday where we can take time to remember important people in our lives who have passed on from this earthly realm. (more…)

Honoring The Extraordinary Life of Bill Harris, Who Recently Passed From This Earth

Bill Harris Was A Leader In The Fields Of Personal Development And Science… And Most Importantly, He Was A Dear And Beloved Friend

Today, I invite you to join me in celebrating the incredible life of Bill Harris, a leader in the personal development movement who passed from this earth on May 1 after a few months of illness. (more…)

How to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude When Life Seems Dark & Difficult


As you move toward creating a life you love living, or helping others to do the same, it’s very important to maintain an attitude of gratitude.

Focusing on being grateful keeps your attention and emotions aligned with what it is that you desire to create. (more…)

2 Incredibly Important Lessons My Mom Taught Me – Plus A Very Special Free Gift In Honor Of Mother’s Day

The Special Gift I Have For You Today Is Actually Something That’s Very Dear To My Heart That My Mom Created A Few Years Before She Passed. Apply It, And You’ll Experience More Fun, Joy And ALIVENESS Each Day!

Did you know that on Mother’s Day there are more phone calls being made around the world than on any other holiday? (more…)

5 Steps To Completing A Project You May Be Procrastinating On

completing a project

Here’s A Surefire Process That’ll Help You Complete Any Project With Greater Ease And Speed

Are you procrastinating on doing what you know you need to do to complete a project that’s important to you?

Or have you ever gotten excited about starting a new project – perhaps planning a big family event, making some upgrades to your home or planning your dream vacation – but then somewhere along the way you lost your inspiration and motivation to keep going with it? (more…)

The Top 3 Qualities To Look For In An Accountability Partner

The World’s Most Successful People Have An Accountability Partner… Or Several! Do You? If Not, Here’s How To Pick One

If you’re committed to transforming your goals and dreams into reality, you can absolutely accelerate the process by having a mastermind partner.

So what exactly is a mastermind partner, also known as an accountability partner? (more…)

A 30-Second Morning Gratitude Practice That Will Help You Experience Greater Joy, Freedom and Flow Each Day

Here’s a Simple But Highly Effective Way to Generate a State of Gratitude Every Morning, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It, So That You Have a Happier, More Productive Day

As you know, living from a state of gratitude is one of the keys to creating a happier, more fulfilling and abundant life.

When you wake up in the morning though, like many of us, you may not feel instantly positive and overwhelmingly grateful – especially if you haven’t slept well or the alarm jolts you awake! (more…)

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  • I have kept a gratitude journal for a number of years now, writing many things for which I am grateful each morning. I write whether I feel grateful or not. Sometimes it helps me feel more grateful, but not always. I have been living in extreme chronic pain for the past 7 years and it makes it extremely hard to feel grateful. This is a huge challenge for me, because I have generally been a very grateful person regardless of what is occurring in my life.

  • Deborah

    I do this practice quite frequently, usually unconsciously. I will try to be more conscious of doing this practice not only when I wake up, but before I go to sleep. It leaves a sense of peace.

    I am thankful for every aspect of my life, my faithful dog, my special companion, my family, my friends, and the ability to walk and have the full use of all my senses, and that I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and the ability to work and have productive work.

  • Anthony Bell

    I am so grateful to Katie for introducing me to you Mary ? you’re amazing

  • My oldest brother just passed away very suddenly and I have really been struggling, particularly in the mornings. Difficult to face a new day with such sorrow and emptiness. I am going to make this my new practice; I’m sure this will help to get out of bed in the morning. Thank you!

  • That Jesus is my savior.

  • No doubt gratitude makes the mind and heart peaceful. We all crave for peace. Peace is health. Love you peace lovers. I am Ali from Pakistan.

  • Hi, many years ago , my teacher told us to write each day five things we are grateful for. Through the years, I upped it up by many numbers, and a few years ago, my thinking of gratitude went to a different level. As you say in your video there is so much to be grateful for: the air, sun, moon, planet, water, our job. You who post these wonderful talks- thank you.

    Blessings to you.

  • Carlene Morrison

    I am grateful that there are individuals who are sharing information in videos, interviews, meditations. When I watch and listen, my food choices are more healthy and I have a much better attitude about my life.

  • Lorna Gordon-Elliott

    Hi Mary,

    Very inspiring video – thank you.

    I’m grateful for many things but the one thing that came to mind when you asked, is the fact that I could sit around the computer without my glasses and read everything clearly. I did cataract surgery 6 weeks ago and I’m amazed at the clarity of vision I now enjoy. I’m truly grateful for the results of the surgery and that I could have afforded the procedure.

    I’m going to try to get into a state of gratitude before my feet hit the ground, starting tomorrow.

    Kind regards.

  • Sara Dukes

    I am grateful for opening this email and finding you. I tore the tendons off both elbows a year ago and are still suffering with pain and non movement. It has deeply affected me both physically and mentally.all they do is throw more pills at me.i am hoping this may help as i have got to the stage of wanting to give up.not wanting to wake up, not that i sleep due to pain. Am over the pain.depressed about the inabilityto do things i used to. Hope your meditations help me.thank you for sending me your email.hope its the first step to the rest of my life.
    Yours sincerely

  • Patricia Culp

    I’m thankful for the environment I’m in now that I’m divorced. I don’t like that my 33 years of marriage came to divorce but I am thankful for the growing that’s taking place and the increase in my self-esteem. It hasn’t been easy but God put many blessings into my life to make this so. I’m thankful for the opportunity to invest in myself with newly found freedom, energy and motivation.

  • Alma D Martinez

    Thank you for this meditation.

  • Forgiveness… and yes! One more day :)

  • Rosemary Byrne

    I am very grateful to you Mary because you really resonate with me. I am very grateful to my wild and crazy husband for being wild and crazy loving and loyal. I will be practicing this very simple exercise every morning…and every night. Thank you!

  • Louisere Fanfan




  • Patty Martinez

    I’m a fan
    I just met you today
    You are my gratitude today. Thanks
    Every morning I will add you to my gratitudes.

  • Jackie Branscum

    I am so grateful for my husband. There was a time when I didn’t think I’d ever meet the man for me and have the home I’ve always dreamed of. Relationships are definitely not all roses & sunshine, there are a lot of thorns & storms. I am so grateful to have him in my life!

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