“Our Greatest Teachers” by Mary Morrissey

Undoubtedly there is someone in your life right now who you wish would be different than they are. They may be a tiny bit difficult, or dealing with them may be a really immense challenge for you. We all have these people, and they are our greatest teachers.

These individuals will show you where your compassion ends. They will test your resolve to remain positive. They will show you where your love needs to stretch.

Consider the words of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who refers to the Chinese who invaded Tibet as, “My friends the enemy.” His strategy? He prays for them. He could say terrible things about them, but instead, he chooses to focus on how to love them, on where he can offer compassion instead.

Isn’t that inspiring?

Offer compassion in abundance today.

With Love,

Mary Morrissey

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