Open Your Heart by Mary Morrissey

This is a true holiday story…

There was a grade school Christmas pageant one year, and a little 12 year old boy had been given the part of the innkeeper.

His line of course was “There is no room in the inn.” He practiced so hard, standing in front of the mirror. “There is no room at the inn. There is no room in the inn. There is NO room in the inn.”

Then the night of the pageant finally came. In costume, he got behind the cardboard door that represented the inn. Mary and Joseph, the children dressed up, came across the stage to knock on the inn door. He opened the door and saw pregnant Mary and Joseph standing before him.

There was a special feeling in the room, when Joseph asks him “Is there any room in your inn?” After all his practice the boy looked at them and said, “Sure come on in…” The whole crowd just erupted in laughter.

It was a moment when he could not refuse opening to love. We are opening to love by preparing for the holiday. There have probably been times when you’ve thought “I am going to keep that resentment” but not today.

Today we say “Love come on in.”

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