Open the Doorway to a Balanced Life

Have you ever stood in front of a fire when one of the embers sparked out and perhaps landed on your jacket or your sleeve?

You know that if you leave that ember there it will quickly burn a hole in your clothing. However, if you immediately flick it off there is just a little bit of soot that remains, and no lasting damage.

Your thoughts are like those embers. When thoughts arise out of feelings of resentment, revenge, or envy, you must quickly flick them away.

These thoughts can fuel the negative emotions to continue, which affects the health of your cells, and can actually erode your sense of connection with life.

You want to cancel the whole process right away and turn your attention to loving, offering appreciation and gratitude. These higher frequencies open the doorway to life in balance, life in harmony.

So today if you notice any negative thought, let it go, and turn back to the truth that life is abundant and meant to be enjoyed.

Focus on Gratitude,

Mary Morrissey

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