Open the Doors of the Divine

In India, there lived a revered saint by the name of Ramakrishna.

He was devoted to the Divine Mother.  People came from everywhere to seek his wisdom.

One day, a very old woman came to sit at Ramakrishna’s feet.  She said, Ramakrishna, my time is short on this earth.  I fear that I have never known the divine.  I fear death.  I’m too old to start a spiritual practice now.  What should I do?

Ramakrishna thought for a moment and asked her, What do you love?

The old woman immediately lit up.  I love my little grandson!  He is everything to me.

There is your spiritual practice, said Ramakrishna. Love him, and see the divine in him.

It only takes loving one person, in one instant, to open the doors of the divine.  This is how to create a magnificent and meaningful life, at any age.

To Loving Greatly,

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