“On Being Awake” by Mary Morrissey

Buddha was once asked a series of questions by his followers. “Are you an angel?” they asked. He said, “No.” “Are you a saint?” they asked. He said, “No.” “Then who are you?” they asked. The Buddha said, “I am awake.”

So today is an opportunity to practice being more wakeful. To be awake is to recognize the miracle of aliveness. We can be awake and, instead of trying to hunt for miracles, we can realize everything is a miracle.

I am reminded that the word “awake” implies that some of the time we will get a little bit sleepy. We will be tempted to agree with conditions before us that aren’t in alignment with the life we would love to create. So today, be awake to the miracles, and you will see them everywhere and in the most ordinary things.

To Staying Awake,

Mary Morrissey

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