Nutrition For Your Soul by Mary Morrissey

We all have been trained to some degree about nutrition for the body; how our body needs water, food and exercise.

What about our soul?

One of the things a soul needs is stillness. Another thing the soul needs is beauty.

Where Joe and I live right now we look out across the valley and we can see these magnificent hills and all day long they change with the light of the sun moving across the sky. To some they would be barren hills. To me they are absolutely beautiful and they nurture my soul.

What is it that you keep around you that seems beautiful? You could look right now, and find beauty. Remember beauty really is in the eye of the beholder but it is important that your eye has some things that image for you, beauty.

What that does is help us open up to the beauty of life itself. So keep something close to you today that you consider to be beautiful to remind you that life really is beautiful. It will nurture your soul.

With Peace and Beauty,

Mary Morrissey

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