“Nutrition” by Mary Morrissey

Michael Beckwith once spoke to us about nutrition that helps us stay centered and stay awake. He had two suggestions:

Whenever we hear any negativity, eat some ‘not so’ ball soup. Say it to yourself, it’s ‘not so.’ Whenever anybody says anything negative to you, in your mind — right in the portal of the place where ideas come in and grow inside of you — say, ‘Not so.’

Michael also said to add some daily doses of ‘CheeriOs.’ The ‘CheeriO’ is when you just absolutely open your mind. An ‘O’ can actually zero out negativity, but it also is the symbol for a wide open universe.

Just consider that you can say ‘not so’ to anything that you really don’t want to have happen in your life, and then feed yourself some really healthy doses of cheery thoughts –cheery, open, welcoming, happy, fulfilling thoughts –and then notice what happens in your day.


Mary Morrissey

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