Miracles are Natural

In “A Course in Miracles,” it says that if you and I are not experiencing miracles on a daily basis, it is we who are out of alignment with the Universe. 
It isn’t that we have to call God in to make miracles happen.  It is that we have to bring our attention to the presence of the Divine Universe and miracles become natural. 
What are miracles but the parting of the waters of our problems?  What are miracles except the healing of our blindness so that we can see more fully?  What are miracles but the healing of parts of us that are paralyzed so that we can really take the steps that are ours to take?
Miracles are natural to you and me because of our nature.  If we are not experiencing miracles, it is we who need to move.  Today, we put our attention on God and watch everything begin to move into the alignment with what is natural and that is always miraculous.

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