“Merry Christmas!” by Mary Morrissey

Merry Christmas!

As we honor the birth of Jesus Christ this day, we know that the Spirit of God is bigger than any one religion. Divine Love is what unites us; it connects us.

Jesus clearly offers us an example to follow, inviting us into a practice that is meant to evoke, evolve and bring forth the “Christ in you, the hope of Glory.”

The God Seed is in every one of us. It is in you. It is in me. Today we acknowledge the Divine Light that dwells in each of us. Not one of us can breathe ourselves on our own, or make our hearts beat on time.

There is a Power, known by different names, by different traditions and known by no name at all –yet, known by that moment when you are alone with yourself and you know –you KNOW, “I am not alone.” The POWER that called me into being, is breathing me and expresses an urgency in me to be and do what I came to be and do.

In the story of Jesus’ birth, a star appeared in the sky to guide the three wise men to where he rested with his mother, Mary, so that they could offer their gifts.

This day, a guiding star shines within you. It is the still, small voice of inner intuition that you can lean on. It is your inner light, inviting the wise parts of yourself into action. It is your wise thinking, flowing gifts to your loving heart.

The wise men had to know to look in the sky for a sign – this is why they were wise. They were watching, alert. They were tuned in and waiting for the right moment to give their gifts…and so it is with you. All of your attention to your dreams is your readiness and your willingness. This connects you the opportunities that are the fulfillment of your gifts.

So today we pause along with many of the world’s great religions in a time of deepening and honoring of that Light. That honoring of the Christ, the name of the Light of Life, in you and in me.

Wishing you a Merry, Meaningful and Happy Christmas!


Mary Morrissey

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