Managing Difficult Relationships by Mary Morrissey

I saw a quote by Longfellow and I think this quote will be really helpful for all of us who’ve ever had any difficult relationships.

“If we could read the secret history of our enemies we would find in each person’s story enough suffering and sorrow there to disarm all hostilities.”

There may be some person in the world, that when you think of them, it’s just hard for you to like them or hard for you to think good thoughts about them. This type of person is who the Dalai Lama calls a sacred enemy or sacred friend; somebody who helps you grow your heart, if you are willing.

Think about somebody in your life who you may have had a difficult time with and then reflect on this quote by Longfellow.

When our hostilities are disarmed, what is natural is a feeling of compassion. So let’s live in this thought and from this thought today and notice how our hearts get bigger and our lives expand.

With Peace and Many Blessings,

Mary Morrissey

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