“Light It Up” by Mary Morrissey

One night the electricity had gone out for just a little while and it was very dark. Have you ever been in a place where it’s very, very dark and you light one candle and you notice how much light one little candle can bring to an entire dark room?

Remember that one thought of God can be like a candle in a dark place in our lives. One thought of God can bring light to a circumstance we are troubled by. One thought of God can cause our entire cells to relax and remember the perfect pattern that God has established for every cell in our body.

Whenever we are experiencing any dark at all, we can light a candle in our lives with one thought of God. So what if we lit a whole lot of candles in one given day?

When Jesus said I am the Light of the world, he was completely lit up with God and you and I have a choice how many times a day we think about God.

Love and Light,

Mary Morrissey

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