Let Go and Let God

You’ve often heard the phrase let go and let God.

How do we actually let go and let God? A long time ago, one of the ministers and mentors that I deeply respect gave me a process that you could try out today.

Practice to let go and let God: Find something that you need to let go of in your home. This item might be an object, a piece of clothing or something that has just been sitting around as clutter. Take your selected item and make the conscious decision that you are going to let this go today.

You can take the item to the Goodwill, or recycle it, or if it’s something to really throw away; then toss it. As you let it go, infuse the object with anything else you would like to let go of. You can release any fear, any concern, any regret, and any resentment.

When you let it go, if your mind tries to pick up that hurt or that resentment, you say, ‘No I have let that go. It is in God’s hands now.’

Next turn your attention to walking in the presence of God. You will notice over the next few days that you really will learn how to let go and when you do, you let God be more present in your life. Try it out.

Here’s To Letting Go,

Mary Morrissey

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