Life Is Not Personal (and Why This is Wonderful News!)

This Powerful Truth Can Help You Keep Things In Perspective And Create Extraordinary Results In All Areas Of Your Life

Here’s an important truth that may sound a little strange at first: life is not personal!

Now, when you first hear this, you may think, “What are you talking about, Mary? My life certainly feels very personal to me!”

But actually, life not “being personal” is wonderful news! Because when we fully understand this truth, we can truly become the architects of our own lives.

Let me explain… electricity isn’t personal, is it? Think about it. It’s just a force that can be used to light a floor lamp in your home, or to electrocute. But this force isn’t inherently good or bad in and of itself. It doesn’t like or dislike you. It doesn’t reward or punish.

Electricity is simply a fabric of energy.

Now visualize this – if I throw down a bolt of fabric along the floor, that fabric is pure potential. It doesn’t actually become anything unless I put a pattern to it. But if I lay down the pattern of a dress, the fabric becomes a dress. It’s happy to become a dress. Or a napkin. Or a curtain. Or a shirt. It becomes any pattern I apply to it.

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You and I aren’t viewers of life, but projectors of it

There is a light, a life force, an energy moving through each and every one of us at all times.

Think about when you go to the movies. You’re seeing a picture, in fact many images, on the screen and you may get completely involved in what’s happening in the story.

But what you’re really seeing is the work of a projector. You’re seeing light come from the projector booth, through a film, and project various patterns onto the movie screen. Nothing is coming from the movie screen – it’s projected onto it.

The difference between us human beings and a movie, is that at the end of the day, a movie projector in a theatre gets turned off. You and I, on the other hand, are constantly projecting and constantly casting patterns onto our lives. And these patterns then create the very results that we see in our lives.

There’s a reason why all the major spiritual traditions say that our thoughts become our reality…

This is because our thoughts create a magnetic pattern. The molecular structure of our being, all of the electrons, everything, begins to move into the pattern of the major, dominant thoughts we are thinking.

If I take a white piece of paper and put iron filings on it, and then move a magnet under the paper, the iron filings will move where the magnet moves ‒ into a particular pattern created by an invisible magnetic field.

keep things in perspective magnet lines

We can’t see the magnetic field, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t there, and this is exactly how your thoughts create a magnetic pull to form certain patterns in your life!

Use your thoughts to shape your life

Life is pouring through you and me, and we have the amazing blessing of giving our unique life a pattern. This pattern is congruent with the thoughts we think, the things we deeply believe about ourselves, and what we choose to focus on.

The amazing news is that you get choose what you think, believe in and focus on!

So pay attention to your thoughts. Notice what you’re noticing. All thoughts are either expansive or contractive.

Do you focus on opportunities, or setbacks? Focusing on opportunities in life is thinking expansively, and will attract, like a magnet, more golden opportunities into your life.

Do you think more about what you’re trying to get, or what you’re trying to give? Because the more you give, the more abundance you’ll naturally attract.

The more we align our thoughts with a pattern for a life we’d love living, the easier it is for the fabric of life to reflect back to us the results in life we desire.

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Life gives us potential and we decide what we’ll do with it

In the art and science of transforming our lives, the art involves the visioning we do, and the science involves the vibration that matches these visions.

We’ve all been given this wonderful opportunity called life, and it isn’t personal. We get to decide how we want to shape it, and we do this through the thoughts we think.

And our thoughts are either in agreement with greatness, or with struggle. And actually, we often don’t even consciously know where we’re allowing our thoughts to align until we take pause and notice what we’re noticing.

So focus your thoughts.

Who do you want to be today? What do you most want to do, have and give in this world?

When you notice thoughts that are in tension with who you want to be and the life you want to live, shift them. Replace them with uplifting thoughts of opportunity, love and gratitude.

When you practice shifting what is coming through you, you’ll witness a shift in what is happening around you.

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