Is It Selfish to Pursue Your Dreams?

Have you ever wondered if it’s selfish to pursue your dreams?

The answer to this question is, it depends! It CAN be selfish to pursue your dream, if your dream is only about you.

But most dreams, even the ones that may seem selfish to you, actually DO benefit the world around you!

Let me explain:

After investing the last 40+ years studying the spiritual side of success, and the last 30+ years coaching tens of thousands of people in the art and science of transformation, I’ve found that every single person has a “hidden” longing — a deep yearning — to live a life that they truly love…

And this is by design!

We live in an upward spiral Universe

This power called Life that moves through all things is ever-seeking to expand around you and through you.

pursue your dreams and passionsIn the Talmud, it says, “Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, ‘Grow, grow, grow!’” That little blade of grass will press through cement, seeking the light.

Each one of us is a growth-seeking being by design. When we move in the direction of what we would love, and we learn and grow and stretch ourselves, this gives us LIFE.

When we close ourselves off from opportunities for personal growth and self-development, and we stay stuck or stagnant, this is where dissatisfaction and unfulfillment come from.

But it’s always your choice.

You have been given dominion over creating your own experience of life

Because here’s the truth: Keep breathing, and you will create results. You don’t get to NOT create.

If you decide to stay in bed all day with the covers over your head, you create a day of being in bed with the covers over your head! You are always creating SOMETHING with your energy, your intentions and your actions, but you have a choice.

You can create consciously or unconsciously, by design or by default.

If you’re going to be creating anyway, why not create what it is that you would love?

So it’s perfectly natural, it’s actually in harmony with your being, for you to want to seek out opportunities for personal growth and self-development, and to expand and pursue your passions, interests, and goals.

Many of us have thought, “Well, if I could just be perfect enough, my life would be great, and I’d feel happy.” But perfection is not the secret to happiness…

Leaning into opportunities for GROWTH is the secret to happiness

Dreams are images that you have of your life in a more expanded state.

They are visions of what your life would look like if you experienced more expansion in the areas of your health, or your relationships, or what you do with your time and talents, or the kind of time and money freedom that you would like to have.

As you pursue your dreams, not only do you begin to generate extraordinary results, your sense of aliveness grows… and this aliveness ripples out into the world around you.

Others notice it, and they feel inspired to pursue their own personal growth, self-development, goals and dreams.

In this way, each of us, following our dreams, can transform the world.

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When it comes to you and your dreams, ask yourself, “What positive benefit would this dream coming true have for the people around me… my family, my friends, my community?”

Even if your dream is to find the love of your life, and you think, “Oh, my gosh. That’s kind of a selfish dream, because that’s just about me having the love of my life!” Consider this…

If you’ve ever walked down the street and you see an older couple shuffling along, but holding hands, and you feel the love between them… or you see that young couple sitting by the beach and they’re snuggled up, and you can feel the love between them…

Or you see two middle-aged people walking through a grocery store and laughing and joking, and buying something for their meal that night, and the love between them is palpable…

Any time two people presence love, it’s a blessing to anyone who witnesses it

So actually, it’s far from selfish to pursue your dreams.

You following your dreams actually helps all of us. It enhances the lives of those around you, and it makes a positive impact on our entire world.

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