“Invest in your Thinking” by Mary Morrissey

You may have noticed I invest a great deal of attention in training you how to think and how to control your thinking.

Why might that be? What is the value in orderly, disciplined, creative and constructive thinking?

Think of this process as an upgrade for your mental operating system. Just as you don’t want your computer to run on an outdated system, your mind can also upgrade to a higher level of thinking.

Experience the kind of mental activity that generates what could be called your highest life. When you have “indulgent thinking” where you let yourself indulge in guilt or regret –or carry a grudge, you pay a price in the quality of your aliveness and creativity.

Pay attention to what you are thinking; Move toward your passion and gratitude. At the end of the month you will notice how much more energy you have, and how much beauty you have created around you.

To Thinking Great Thoughts,

Mary Morrissey

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