“How To Overcome Obstacles” by Mary Morrissey

If you feel called to a greater life than the one you are living right now, you are at the edge of a breakthrough.

What I know is that at the edge of breakthrough, you will always find challenging conditions and obstacles.

Try this technique to accelerate your breakthroughs:

Soften to what is in your way and allow yourself to become bigger than that condition.

(This is the opposite of what we usually do, which is to become triggered and resistant to obstacles – which makes us smaller.)

Consider what water does when it encounters stone. It is so supple that it pools, and then just flows around and over it, even wearing away the stone itself.

Become as soft as that water, and as strong. You’ll discover that your life expands rapidly, increasing in wonderful ways that you haven’t even imagined yet!

To The Power in Softness,

Mary Morrissey

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