Two Ways To Feel Better by Mary Morrissey

The ability to generate a good feeling is a core practice for activating the Law of Attraction in our lives.  We attract what we think about most.  But more importantly, what we attract is enhanced when our thoughts are charged with a congruent positive feeling.

Here are two ways to feel better…

1. Do Good For Others

You know, “doing for others” can be as simple as making a decision to smile way more than you are used to. You can make a decision that you will take responsibility to bring the sunshine wherever you go.  As you smile and brighten others’ days you will ignite a more positive feeling in yourself.

2.  Look for the best in others

This is a powerful way to feel better…  There’s a spiritual practice that states, whatever you see in others you magnify in yourself.  As we begin to look for the best in other people we naturally magnify our own gifts and best qualities, and we draw unto ourselves more positive people and circumstances.

And here’s where it gets really amazing…

By doing good for others, we are actually doing “good” for ourselves in the process.

Try on these two ways to feel better and let me know how it works for you.

To Feeling Good From The Inside Out,
Mary Morrissey

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