How Do We Grow? By Mary Morrissey

There is a powerful quote about growth I’d like to share with you today.

‘This is what I learned during the process of breaking free of my “conditioning”: There is no growth in my comfort zone!’
– Sandra A Daly from her book, Pop Your Paradigm!

Nature uses a birth canal to bring about new life. So if you’re feeling squeezed right now, it is because something is seeking to be born in you today.

Growth in never easy, and does not happen in our comfort zone, but is always fruitful and worth the work.

Breaking free of our conditioning requires us to challenge limiting thoughts. We can say we want success, but any time we are agreeing with conditions that are difficult, and any time we talk about how life is unfair, we are creating resistance with the very thing we want.

So how do we grow?

We grow by being in agreement with all that is prosperous and using every means at our command to make it easy for prosperity, for abundance, for the free flow of life to be in our experience.

Believing In Your Growth,

Mary Morrissey

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